About Us

Wonderland Antiques and Curiosities is an antique hunter’s dream. 5000 square feet of antiques and treasures you won’t find anywhere else.

We, along with our network of estate sale companies, “finders” , and friends have curated a charming collection to share with others who appreciate their beauty and history. We have antiques and collectibles from the Georgian and Victorian Eras to mid- and late-20th century retro.

As our name implies, you will find more than antiques, though antiques are our first priority. We have unique one-of-a-kind Alice In Wonderland art pieces, jewelry, and souvenirs to commemorate your visit to Helen. Coral Locher, a local artist, also works with us to create special one of a kind keepsakes in the Alice in Wonderland idiom.

Come lose yourself in our wonderland.

The store is located on South Main Street between the Chevron station and the Alpine Brew Store and Bottle Haus. Free parking for customers.


8251 S. Main Street, Helen, GA