COVID-19 Update

We are happy to be able to welcome guests to Wonderland! In spite of the pandemic, we’ve been able to remain open, largely due to the cooperation of our wonderful guests.

To protect our staff and guests, we do require everyone to wear face coverings over both nose and mouth at all times inside of our store. Should you happen to arrive without an appropriate protective face covering, we have disposable surgical masks available at no cost to you. We know that sometimes these masks slip down without being noticed. Should that happen, you will be asked to re-set your mask placement by the staff of the store. This is not meant to be a personal affront, but rather a reminder to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The ADA and COVID19

Wonderland Antiques and Curiosities has the right to require face coverings in our store. Individuals with medical conditions that preclude them from wearing the required face coverings will not be allowed in the store. If you are looking for something, contact us via email: or on Facebook and we will bring the items you wish to purchase curbside.

The ADA, CDC, and AMA do not recognize “medical exemptions”. The law allows us to protect our staff and customers by not admitting individuals without a face-covering.

The language and spirit of the law stipulates that retailers should attempt to accommodate that customer in an alternative manner that would continue to protect the store’s employees and other customers while also providing service to the customer who does not wish to wear a face covering. For example, we will provide curb-side pick-up; no contact delivery; or assistance via online store services.

Stay well, stay safe. We look forward to your visit to visit Wonderland Antiques and Curiosities.